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Engine repairs


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The other day while on this great quest, the truck started bucking while pulling the trailer and going up hill. The dash lit up with "check Fuel filter" The problem wasn't apparent when on the straight and level. Got the truck into Boise Volvo early am today, it was an overflow valve. Kind of like a check valve, 33$ plus 7.36 for "O" rings.


I kept the old valve.


The other item addressed was the turbo boost gauge not registering. On my engine there are 2 of these sensors close to one another doing 2 different things.....Each gauge does 2 functions, pressure and temp. Each location only provides one of these tasks so they reversed the gauge locations, no fuss, no muss, done and done.


The gauges are over 200$, the dash cluster would be over 1K$ plus reprogramming. It was suggested I get a remote gauge and mount it somewhere or don't worry about a gauge at all. Evidently not all trucks have the gauge.


So for others having the same issue(s), here is a heads up.



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The gauge was working butt...get it, butt the sensor was not. It was plugged, the sensor, that is, and this is supposed to make some difference in performance. Reads about 5.


It was posted not as an admission of an epic failure butt as info in case someone else, maybe a lurker, is having or has those symptoms in the future. It's kind of un nerving when unknown things happen. You don't know if failure is imminent or not, can I make it, do I have cell, who do I call.


Dreamer 2 may have it a lot worse than me....hope his wife and truck are OK.


Now all I need is the thawed out trailer back and 3 days of decent weather so this dog an pony show can get back on the road.


One of the mechanics did say, not all trucks have the gauge. I forgot what it should read. Hopefully 5 is correct bobtail on the flat and level.


It took longer to type up the report than to do the work.


Off to the restaurant for pie and ice cream.

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