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I may have done something incorrectly on TX veh reg. Please help.


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Last year, with all the info flowing on vehicle registration, I followed the info here from you good folks, and registed both my tow and travel trailer online, and apparently did it correctly. I received the stickers, no problems. I live in TX and was in OR at the time.


This year, I wonder what I did wrong (?). Again I went online (still putzing about in OR) and registered both tow and trailer. What I received in the mail was NOT a tow reg sticker like last year, but a notice

"in lieu of your registration renewal notice, to make you aware that the vehicle shown above (my tow) must pass a state inspection before you may register online."


So, this leads me to believe I erred somehow with the online registration THIS year. My sticker expires in 3 days (Dec 31) and I've got to do something to "fix" this pronto.


Any idea how I might resolve this? or what I may have done wrong this year when registering? Thx for any help.



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I believe they changed the registration to where you need an inspection before renewing the registration. However if you are not in the state you can self inspect and once you get back to Texas I think you have 3 days to get it inspected. Polk county knows this I would call and talk to them.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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