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3.5 hp outboard motor mount


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Hi all,


We just got an inflatable motor boat and a 3.5 hp motor. We still have our kayaks that we travel with. We thought this would broaden our horizons.


We are brainstorming how to transport it. I am sure that someone else has done this so I turn it over to the experts.


We have a 38 foot fifth wheel and a long bed truck. The fifth wheel has a 1 1/2 inch adaptor that we use for our bike rack. The long bed had a detachable tri fold bed cover. When we are on the road we fold back the cover but the whole thing comes off easily.


So our choices are the back of the fifth wheel or the bed of the truck. (Or inside the rv?)


Any suggestions are welcome! And thanks in advance.

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I'd store it upright wherever it winds up. I know you can drain it but I'd always be concerned about waster running back up into the head.


Perhaps a bracket mounted to the inside front of the box behind the driver, store it upright, secure it and cover it with a custom made cover to disguise it.


Maybe a swivel mount and store it at 45 degrees to hide it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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