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Microsoft pulls Windows 10 Mobile update after users hit snags


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We switched over to Windows phones one at a time. I started with a Nokia Lumia 822 and loved it after MS upgraded it to Windows Mobile 8.1 and eagerly waiting for Windows mobile 1q0 for our two newest phones, a pair of Microsoft Lumia 735's called the selfie phone because it has a 5mp front camera in addition to the main and both with Carl Zeiss lens systems. the back camera.


Well it looks like we are in for a bit more of a wait as the first wave of upgrades didn't work out.




"Problems include an inaccurate low storage notification.


Microsoft has pulled an update to Windows 10 after users reported a wide variety of issues with the upgrade process, according to a post on the company's Answers technical support forum.


The patch, which was the first cumulative update Microsoft made to its mobile operating system after launching it, has been pulled from public update channels, moderator Mike Mongeau said. Users were reporting that the update wasn't being offered, that it appeared to get stuck at 0 percent and that low storage notifications showed up after the update was installed.


According to Mongeau's post, Microsoft's engineering teams are working on fixing the update. People who are seeing "low storage" notifications can safely ignore them. It's not clear when a fix will be available, however."


More from PC World here: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3015507/mobile/microsoft-pulls-windows-10-mobile-update-after-users-hit-snags.html

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