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Microsoft owns up to issues with the Surface Book and Pro 4


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I was trying to decide if I wanted to get the Surface3, or the new Surface Pro4, and was considering the Pro3 if I found the right deal. Well I did find one, an i5/128GB SSD/4GB RAM Surface Pro 3 new for $500 even. Registered and upgraded it to Windows 10 and it is terrific! I use no type cover but really like the pen that comes with it. They had some issues with the Pro3 that were resolved but it took MS almost three months to correct the major ones. Mine exhibits none of the initial issues.


Now this week I am finding that indeed they are having issues with the new and first ever flagship products.




"When reviews of the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 hit, it seemed like Microsoft would be riding a wave of positive publicity into the holiday season. We liked both devices, and while the Surface Book wasn't everyone's cup of tea, most reviews were also fairly positive. But things changed once they actually reached consumers. Some early buyers reported a variety of issues, including screen flickering, system instability and power problems. Those concerns prompted Microsoft to release several firmware and software updates within weeks (on top of a launch day fix), which helped with some issues. But they came too late to erase the idea that something was up with Microsoft's new hardware.


And one big issue remains for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 owners: erratic power management. Some users are reporting that the devices simply don't go to sleep properly when you close their lids or put them into standby. Instead, they continue to drain power, which could be a nasty surprise if you don't bring your charger along. That's a particularly surprising issue for flagship devices in 2015 — it's something that's mostly been fixed by laptop makers over the past decade. Making things even worse, a Surface engineering manager noted earlier this month that the issue might not be fixed until 2016."


Wow! I am glad I chose the Surface Pro 3 15. The rest of the article with much more detail is here: http://www.engadget.com/2015/12/15/microsoft-surface-book-pro-4-issues/

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