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Good News for Traveling in Canada


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With T-Mobile offering free international roaming and full speed data with their 'Mobile Without Borders', Verizon introducing 'Travel Pass' that allows you to use your plan like you're at home for just $2/day... services like these are likely to be less needed.


Heck, you can pick up a $35 tablet T-Mobile plan with 6GB of tetherable high speed data and use it in Canada, and get better service than on any one of the local carriers. Pretty good deal, and when back home in the US, you can get unlimited video streaming when in T-Mobile native coverage.


Lots of great stuff happening with international roaming, here's a summary of the stories we've tracked in the past few months:

International News Stories


- Cherie

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Thanks for the update! This is great news from Verizon, since we are planning to transit Canada to Alaska in a couple of years. Shoot, by 2018 , competition may have driven the $2/day per device to a flat rate of $2/day for the account.


T-Mobile (AKA Deutsche Telekom) has always had crazy-good data plans. When we lived in Germany, we paid for voice minutes but unlimited data was always free. They had so many free (to T-mobile users) WiFi hotspots all over Germany that it was pretty easy to find high speed internet anywhere you went. Sure wish this was the case in the USA!

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