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Script Massage on Escapees Forum


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Internet Explorer 11 here on a Windows 10 tablet at the moment, also Windows 8.1 w/IE11 on my desktop, and no issues recently with this website. Are you using IE or Edge? Edge has a long way to go. MSN is a home page, if you are using Edge, try Internet Explorer (IE) :

Just click on the start button and search for Internet Explorer. If you prefer it to Edge, just reduce it to the taskbar, right click it and then click on pin to taskbar. Then, when you close it, it stats there for future use.


If it behaves badly too, then it may be a local setting.

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I haven't been able to use my desktop computer (Windows 8.1) to get on the Escapees website for the last two months, or so. That would be from Chrome, Firefox, and IE. I've got no problem when I use my iPad or iPhone. I called Escapees and told them of my issues. They were aware that some people were having trouble getting on the site, and recommended that I delete one of the browsers then re-download it. I did; it didn't. When I need info, I just use my iPad.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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