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Volvo Turbo boost sensor


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I'd like to check sensor and gauge independently if possible. No sense replacing something that's not broke.


HD had a question on how to test it or them but got no answer.


So I will ask the same question.


Good thing Randy got that before his "incident" which probably still hurts.

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Roger, here is the Youtube video that Big5er sent to me when mine was giving trouble. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiXKrptx4tE. I followed the instructions and changed mine. You will have to cut and paste this because I don't know how to just make a link to it.

This makes the change differently than Randy did because he cut the wires from the new sensor and just made splices to the existing wires instead of removing the side panels and replacing the entire unit. Randy is much better at soldering and splicing than I am. The entire replacement only took removing about 7 screws and 3 zip ties so it was not bad at all.


I can't tell you how to check the sensor but if you pull the 2 bolts out of the manifold and lift out the sensor your should be able to look at the end of the sensor and see what shape it is in. HOWEVER, you may want to have a new sensor on hand or be able to get one quickly using another mode of transport because mine came out in pieces.

Just an FYI.




PS: you can find Randys method and explaination in the thread titled

Volvo D12 Boost Sensor Replace Short Cut
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