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Lithium race


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Well this has been an interesting and very puzzling project.


Nevada, must have a poor opinion of Mr Musk. Giving him a 1.2 billion dollar tax break to have his factory there and THEN getting a contract out of country for his lithium when the only (later found to be not correct) USA producing lithium mine at Silver Peak, Nevada, and has been producing lithium since 1966, along with a host of other minerals.


Since this race is already started, the number 2 Horse race for lithium is Dajin, that just happens to have TWO jockeys. On the Toronto exchange and one OTC penny stock. With 6000 acres in it's pocket and is test drilling for LITHIUM BRINE. Estimated start up expense from drilling to plant processing is 100 million. STRANGE OR FUNNY that one link praising DAJIN was being funded by guess who. Bet on this horse OTC Stock and get 12 shares for $1.00 great up side. Let's move up.


More horses moving to the LITHIUM starting gate. Toronto exchange and OVC Penny stock. This one just merged with another lithium horse in SEPTEMBER 1st 2015! Get five shares for a buck. Move up again.


Last horse seems to a half a length ahead. They have placed a pilot plant to process lithium brine, test produced 99.9% battery ready lithium. This stock will get you 3 shares for a buck. This horse has a tentative agreement with TSLA signed September first this year. September seems to be a LUCKEY month an day for contracts.


This player was missed in Yahoo post, probably because not on stock exchange. Not a horse but just might own the track. Not on exchange in Canada or US. Started in 08 and 2010 extracted Li from brine. In 2011 first shipment to Japan, move up to 2013 AND produced 99.9% battery grade lithium with no environmental impact. They own proprietary rights to the process, and is a day's drive to TSLA, How interesting.


WHY HAS TESLA SIGNED AN AGREEMENT with a start up company, that has just started drilling for lithium and with test plant, WHEN A PLANT JUST DOWN the road has been producing battery grade lithium since 2013?


ALL THIS MIGHT BE WRONG. DO YOUR OWN DILIGENCE. All came from link RV provided and Yahoo finance post and followed others, except the last entry which I found as a fluke. I did not include ticker symbols because they were confusing and some are listed on three different exchanges!


More time I spend on this thing more puzzling it gets. Now I come across that there have been numerous other companies making attempts at lithium mining in Nevada. Drums beating, flags waving, investors gathered, and a few years later they're gone.


WARNING-WARNING some of these stock have two or three tickers, some in Canada or Germany, have no volume and have not traded in a year, but show what appears to be current price.



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Great info Trucken! There is a race and a market. Like trying to find out the exact source of a company's UCB (Unconventional Base Oil) for an advertised Synthetic oil, sometimes there is a lot of smoke and mirrors for all but the big players who can pay several thousand for the reports.


I'm set long with Tesla. I post subjects I see when I get sidetracked with an interesting digression related to my areas of interest, EVs, battery backups, and Solar efficiency breakthroughs becoming affordable (Not yet). Now you have me interested in looking again further.


I found my one time major investment at the ground floor. But then, I was waiting for their IPO, not researching it. Lots of new opportunities are and will be popping up.

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