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physical address and mail forwarding in various states


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For those under 65

There has been some discussion about looking for a new state that has better health insurance coverage with PPOs no longer being offered in some states. I have had this issue long before Texas and have found the key problem being obtaining a physical address since most states do not allow mail forwarding service addresses as your physical address or a PO Box on your driver license etc.


Are there states beyond the standard 3 that allow this? I have called a few like WA and WY directly. Eventhough I have lived and worked seasonally in WY in a national park, there is no physical address to use other than a PO Box

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Unless it has changed, NV will allow use of a mail service. Oregon does also but you must physically be in the state for 6 months to qualify for residence there. I suspect that there are probably a few others, but these are the ones that I'm aware of.

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So for health insurance purposes insurance companies want you living in the state where your insurance is located which may not be your domicile. Yet according to the ACA it is supposed to be your legal state. I know there was a discussion about using Arizona and a mail forwarding service on Xscapers to get better health insurance.


If you have a job and live in a state 6 months or so out of the year but do not have a physical address there because you work seasonal....what do you do? I can get a physical address and insurance in a state I never live in but it seems better to have insurance in a state you actually spend most of your time.


I wish I could find the statement in the ACA where it talks about insurance in your legal state. Everyone I ask seems to give me a slightly different answer.

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