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T-Mobile data speed, unlimited videos

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Have been testing T-Mobile data for a month and have been quite pleased. Only limited travel to date, but I've had high speed access in the city and way out in the Texas boonies. So far, so good, and it's quite a bit cheaper than my Verizon account.


So I was surprised to get an email from T-Mobile that since I have a 3G or better data plan, effective Nov 19th I can downstream videos, unlimited, from 20 "partner sites". Their quote:


"Starting November 19, you’ll get unlimited video streaming with Binge On—without counting toward your data. You’ll be able to stream videos, movies, and TV shows from more than 20 streaming services like Netflix, HBO NOW, Hulu, Sling TV, WatchESPN, Showtime, and more. Plus, video streaming on all other sites will be optimized for your mobile devices. That means you’ll get 3x more video from your 4G LTE data.


No action needed, and there’s no extra charge for Binge On, so you can stream what you want, whenever you want. And when you stream through our partner sites, it won't count against your high-speed data.


Video typically streams at DVD quality (480p+) with Binge On. You may disable Binge On at any time, but will lose Binge On benefits. Sling not available in Puerto Rico."

I've been interested in watching a few more videos but have refrained because of data charges. Hope this now works as well as promised!


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Pretty cool, isn't it? It was a huge announcement earlier this month.. and we covered it here with more details:


T-Mobile Doubles Data Plans, Announces “Binge On” Unlimited Video Streaming

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Thanks Chris! Great write up. I just got Verizon's answer to all that. In appreciation or something they said if I signed up for it, I would get a free extra GB of data for the month I enroll for it and another the following month, expires December 31. Whoop de doo. If we weren't in one of T-Mobile's less stellar areas with dead zones all over, I'd be tempted to switch. No contracts right?


Comcast is doing about the same thing. But the mobile carriers are seeing that if they can do unlimited streaming, folks will use cell rather than Home WiFi. If the speeds were acceptable here I'd do it for those prices and drop the cable Internet too. We already dropped cable TV and go 100% OTA HD for several months now and love it. Amazon Fire, a Roku3 on my 27 inch UHD touch screen Dell, and an LG Smart Blu-ray player are all we need. The only thing we miss is CNN. I can get BBC and the major networks but no 24/7 news programming like CNN has. However I can catch the last local news 24/7 on the DT of one channel here, who also has another channel with 24 hour weather.

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