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Microsoft Cracks Down on Toolbars, Unsigned DLLs with Edge Update


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MS locked down the new Edge browser even more at the kernel level with the last batch of updates.




"The security community rejoiced when Microsoft announced earlier this year that it would strip maligned extensions such as ActiveX and VB Script – often bullied in attacks – from its new Edge browser.


Now the company claims a recent update to the browser prevents the loading of unsigned DLLs without consent, something that should make it more difficult for an attacker to compromise Edge.


In addition to hardening the browser against attacks, the update should speed up Edge and stop unwanted binary extensions and software from running, crashing, or tainting search results with malware.


It turns out that when the company pushed an update for Windows 10 last week, they upgraded the rendering engine that powers the browser to “EdgeHTML 13,” something that brings kernel-level protection against code injection. Going forward, the mechanism should block DLL injections on the browser, unless they’re components signed by Microsoft, or Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) Cowan claims.


By enforcing code integrity within the kernel, as opposed to in the process, the company claims it will make it so ad injectors can’t turn off the integrity check, something a hacker could disable otherwise.


“From a sample of about 65,000 Windows Insider users… module code integrity protected 2704 users from attempts to load adware and malware,” Cowan said."


See more in the full article at: https://threatpost.com/microsoft-cracks-down-on-toolbars-unsigned-dlls-with-edge-update/115410/#sthash.kUips63t.dpuf


More specifics and info: http://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-edge-how-microsoft-is-clamping-down-on-browser-ad-injectors/?tag=nl.e566&s_cid=e566&ttag=e566&ftag=TRE49e8aa0

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