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Jeep Liberty Cruise


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Bought my '06 Liberty, didn't realize it didn't have cruise control until I was on the way home with it. Who in the hell builds a car without cruise ... Chrysler!


Since many use the Liberty as tow'ed, thought I'd share my experiences.


Fussed and fumed about it, and found Rosta did a kit for the Liberty. But....didn't like the "add-on" look. Kept looking, and found Jeeps-r-us had a "factory" kit. Talked to them and was ASSURED that it was a "plug & play" installation, yah, heard that before. Had my wife order the kit, then got a call from them, she had ordered the set for 2.4 instead of 3.7. Puttzed around for a couple of days, then looked at the email they had sent with the invoice. It was for a 2.4 ! Called them and was assured that they sent the correct unit....yah, right. Got the kit in the mail, about an hour later I had factory cruise on my Liberty! The biggest problem I had was figuring out how to unplug the installed horn wire so I could use the one in the included loom. Jeeps-r-us...great guys, great service !




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