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Terrorist impact on investing expected to be short lived.

Kirk W

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Quote from first article, "...Stocks in major markets are set for a short-term sell-off on Monday...." Ha Ha That would be a good guess in normal times (pre bubble markets in the 1987s), but not these days.


This massive, bulging stock market has had next to nothing to do with how the economy is doing (not well for 6 years) or anything else often termed fundamentals. It is all about the FED's easy money to speculate with and how long will it last. With the economy showing more and more slowing (3rd qt GDP 1.5%, 3rd qt earnings down, retail sales down, capital investment down, industrial production down to name the important ones) the speculators probably think the FED won't dare raise interest rates in December and so are back to speculating with a fervor.

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