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Re-locating dump valves?


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Mine are cable operated and very tight. I did not want to mess around with broken cables in the future so I reply,bed and put the valves all outside in front of the tire. Just study it and draw a picture. The flanges glue onto the pipe and the valve bolts on.

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Time Traveler, I agree I would NOT like them in a low area subject to dragging down in a dip etc. I completely re plumbed and re located my dump valve PLUS added an extra one right at the black tanks outlet. Its really fairly easy, not too expensive, and straightforward as that 3 inch black pipe is easy to cut and solvent weld plus you can get dump valve fittings and flanges etc. that easily fit right to the pipe. Its all pretty standard RV black water drain piping available at RV shops.


NOTE for flexibility and to avoid stress and strain on the black tank outlet and to avoid tank stress cracking I used some of those 3 inch black rubber flexible Fernco fittings for splices and turns etc. Mine NEVER leak and I've had no trouble with any of them PLUS its possible to disassemble your drain system. With them in place given their flexibility, there's far less chance of breaking or cracking pipes or tanks or fittings etc.


NOTE at the rear of my RV I strategically located anti drag anti skid dolly wheels that catch and hold the RV up so piping or wiring etc does NOT drag down into ground level.


I can't see the bottom of your RV so can't guarantee how or where you might re locates a valve or pipes, but the above is how I approached the potential dragging problem.


John T

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