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The truck I bought already had a Herin bed on it. The 7 prong rv plug on back works fine but it was wired without a jacalope. My question is there any big advantage of the jacalope. I am not satisfied with the brake controller and want to add a Direct Link,but was just wandering about adding the jacalope at the same time. Thanks

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In my opinion the Jackolopee is a quality built conversion box, and well worth the money I spent for mine. Plus, if you ever have any trailer lighting, or plug, or braking problems the LED's built into the Jackolopee are great for trouble shooting. I don't think you'll ever be sorry for taking the time to put one in your truck. This is my thinking anyway.



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Made my own panel. Wanted something I could fix on the road. Used common automotive 12 volt relays. Put LEDs on the input side and the output side so I know what both sides are doing. Had to add an emergercy flasher section as they did not work on the Volvo trailer plug.




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Looks like you still rely on a three-to-two converter, like a Hoppy which the Jackalopee was designed to eliminate. Only the top end Hoppy model has the reliability to be close to the Jackalopee. Otherwise you just have a relay isolated Hoppy (or similar).


I have run with a high end Hoppy for 9 years now. There was no Jackalopee then. But the Hoppy is $85 and for a few dollars more you will have the relay isolation of the Jacckalopee.

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Easy - that is basically a Jack, but you still used the 3 to 2 converter just beefed the outputs. The Jack uses 1 less relay (emergency), the aux is used for trailer power feed.


The Jack is a very simple, robust, relay based box. The relays are socketed for easy removal.


On mine, I use the heavier cable, (8,2-10,4-12's) so I have a wirenut and tails going to the ground connections, but I have seen the Jack would underwater. (not a cooling recommendation though)


Heavy - if what you have works and is a clean install, just use it. The Direct Link does a great job - even through the Jack.

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Yep, I agree. should have said this in the earlier post. Buy a Jackalope. I already had the Hoppy (on the Volvo when I bought it) and had all the relays. The wiring on my Volvo was a disaster. Lights to the trailer did not even work. I pulled a lot of useless wires out where someone tried to make it work. I am just a tinker and like building my own stuff when I can. The Jackalope is a good buy at the price if you don't have all the stuff and the time to make your own.

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Larry Herrin now uses Jackalopees to wire his trucks. You must have one of the pre-Jackalopee Herrin beds.

Jackalopee was developed as an "alternative" to "expertly" done Hoppy based truck lights conversions.






Yes, this bolt ties together two wires "to make connection".


An alternative,



The external relay was added to drive two massive spot lights driven by the reverse lights.

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