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Mor/ryde IS Installed


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Back from Elkhart, had the IS suspension installed, Rob, and his team were great. Before weight avg was 2600 on each wheel The Cyclone came with 6K LIppert Axels. That was with an avg traveling load, Personal belongings, bikes, tools, propane and about 30 gal of water in tanks, holding tanks were empty.


We were in the bay at 0610 and by 0800 the old axels and springs were in the steel bin for recycle. I was allowed to check in and watch the installation, and each day the girls in the office took our lunch order (Panera Bread and JJ Subs) lunch was free and I had the whole crew (four kIds also).


We stayed in their parking area with 50 A hook up SUN night, and in the bay Monday night, the installation was complete Tuesday afternoon, I was impressed with the level of detail during the alignment it took about 2 hours, all measurements are off the 5th pin. Those of you with the IS suspension know how it is built, seeing the IS sitting on the shop floor it is a very well built system. Heavy and well engineered.


This is busy shop that runs 24/7 in out short time we saw 6 new coaches (DRV) getting alignments, and 5 IS installations along with ours for the week.


As they finished late Tuesday Rob invited us to stay TUE night in the yard, he had a crew member move two New coaches so we could get a prime spot in the corner of the cement yard with a 50 A hook up.


I could tell the difference on the road right away. No rocking side to side and I had the Disc brakes installed , along with the 17.5 wheels and tires I believe I have a bullet proof set up. My level of anxiety was reduced greatly on the road on the way home.


Overall great experience I wish I had done it when our coach was new.

I did go with the regular greased bearings, Rob recommend 15K between services.



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There is no free lunch. :)

That is very true in 5er suspensions. You get what you pay for. Most coaches off the manufacturers line have the lowest cost components they can get away with. Not totally true, because some of the higher-line coaches do use IS as standard, but most use minimum components.

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What suspensions did Newmar put into the Kounrty Aire line? I have a 2004 (pre-exFleetwood cost saver unit, I've been told). With it being 11 YO, should I consider upgrading to IS?? Perhaps disc brakes too??

Why not just look and see what it is. But as far as I know Newmar always used IS. My 2000 had it.

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