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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Slated With New Lumia? 5 Things Revealed About The Next Gen Of Surface Pro [RUMORS]


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While rumors abound, and this is one too until confirmed, it seems to be on track. We'll see in the next 60 days.




"Microsoft is reportedly going to hold an event in October, unveiling the Surface Pro 4 together with rumored Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL devices. This information reached The Verge through a source that was familiar with the company's plan.


There are no official announcements from the company about the event in October nor there do any official details about the specs on the reported Surface Pro 4. Nonetheless, here are five things about Microsoft Surface Pro 4 that many are anticipating to have.


1. Skylake

The Surface Pro 4 is reportedly going to use Intel's Skylake. With this next-eneration processor, the device will reportedly have better graphics and media engines — an improvement on 3D graphics and new video-compression formats.

Skylake also has added the Integrated Image-signal processor, which can support a sensor of up to 13 megapixel and can capture a video of 1080p at 60 frames per second, according to The Motley Fool.


2. RAM


3. Surface Pen


4. Design


5. Price


Information that surfaced online will remain as speculations unless Microsoft confirms it."


See the details under items 2-5 in the article here: http://www.jobsnhire.com/articles/25390/20150823/microsoft-surface-pro-4-release-slated-with-new-lumia-5-things-revealed-about-the-next-gen-of-surface-pro-speculations.htm

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