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When the '01 Volvo got put to bed last fall everything was good. In the spring, I moved it to the garage to prep it for its summer job and all was well. When I hooked it to the 5er for a trip to Yellowstone the power steering worked ok for about 2 hours and then it got real hard to steer sometimes. Like when changing lanes or going around a sharp corner it would start out steering hard and then seemed to steer easy after I got it headed the way I wanted. The fluid level is right on the mark.


At times, even when it has ran a while, it is fine. When going slow like in a parking lot or campground it is fine. :blink:


After the 1800 mile trip I got back home and put on a new pump. Same thing. :( It seems to work well for about 30 minutes and then gets difficult to steer. It can be steered but a lot more pressure is required.


I thought the next step would be to replace the steering box but I might change out the supply hose first. I know that sometimes the insides come loose and block the flow of fluid.


Anyone had any experience with this sort of failure.


I don't want to change out the gear box if I don't need to. My current line of thinking is that the supply hose has come apart inside. When cold it holds in place. When the engine RPM is low there is not enough pressure/flow to move the bad hose flap to block the flow.




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Hi NeverEasy, have you checked the filter inside your power steering fluid reservoir? I assume yours is like my 99 model and has one. Screw the big cap off and look down in the reservoir a couple of inches and you can see the top of a paper cartridge filter. My thinking is it could be really dirty or collapsed and causing your intermittent steering problems. Just a thought.... hope it helps.



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Fluid level is correct and has been changed twice. No belt, direct drive via gears on the front of the S60 series Detroit diesel.


Still need to check out the drag link and the filter in the reservoir as it was late when I opened the responses tonight. Will do so in the A.M.


All good ideas and all are being considered. Thanks and keep them coming.


Anyone ever put a high pressure gauge on the output of one of these steering pumps?



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Changed the hoses today.

Checked the drag link. It has grease zerks so it is not the TRW one on recall. They greases well and seem tight on inspection IAW the recall notice test.

Pulled out the filter in the reservoir and it appears to be very clean but I will change it out when I get to the Volvo dealer next.


Took it for a test run. No change.


Now I am at the steering box again. I don't know where the pressure relief valve is located. I found some data on the steering pump and it can be set to different output pressures. Does that mean the pressure relief is in the pump? The pump was put in new a week ago.


Unfortunately, all the data I need to find a replacement (rebuilt) steering box is on the inboard side of the steering box where I can not see it without removing the box. Probably time to get real greasy




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