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T2000 Tractor Protection Valve - Scrap Question?


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I believe my 02 T2000 is missing the Tractor Protection Valve. At the rear of the cab, the trailer brake supply and trailer emergency brake supply are capped off. I can't find anything on the frame rails that looks like it may have been connected at one time, just the air lines hanging. Can anyone provide me with the correct T2000 part number for a replacement trailer protection valve? Bendix TP-2, 3, 4, 5? Any suggestions on how to properly connect it up? The Bendix data sheets suggest a control line from the trailer control valve, a trailer brake control line, and the trailer emergency supply. I can see the trailer brake control line, and the trailer emergency supply line, but I sure don't see the control line from the trailer control valve. I suspect this function may already be integrated further up stream in the T2000. Any thoughts on the subject?


I have also replaced the nylon air brake lines on my truck. At the junction between the cross members and the frame rails, Kenworth used some type of gray plastic sheets to provide addition protection for the lines as they pass through this area. This plastic appears to be 0.050" thick. The sheet is wrapped around the lines and held in place with heavy zip ties. I am guessing that is some sort of high temp polyethylene or UHMW. Does anyone know what this stuff is? The existing material is in pretty sad shape and I would like to replace it.


Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

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T2's have a TP-5 mounted on the outside firewall just above the treadle valve. The trailer control valve line comes down the steering column and into the valve on the inside of the firewall just above your brake pedal. The only thing back of sleeper on them is an inline quick release mounted in the hosetenna bracket and then gladhands from there.


The grey wrap isn't really a service part. I guess in reality you can probably order it but it'll probably be a frustrating and expensive fight. It is probably easier to get some Roundit2000 or some of Waytek's Duraflex if you don't mind cutting it open. For the heatwrap along exhaust parts use some Reflexwrap.


The heavy ties are any of the 250lb ties in the TRP book - usually 20". The hi-temp brown ties holding the Reflexwrap in place aren't in the book but order HWU12110 at your KW dealer. If you want the blue really hi temp european ones then order a 1655127PE while there.



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