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Ca MDT and pre emissions trucks


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Just curious if anyone has any experience traveling through California with older MDTs? I have a 1990 4900 that i use to pull a my wagon trailer and at first I was under the impression that I was exempt, however after talking to some truckers and reading on ARB website I dont think that I am. The good news is I travel few enough miles that I can qualify for a low use exemption, however the application period is for 1/1 to 1/31 so it has already closed this year.


Normally I take 2 trips, one in a couple of days to Ventura, the other I am going to Utah and then to Grass Valley, then back home to southern California. I dont think I am in any danger going to Ventura, however I am worried about coming back into the state, I am debating applying for a 3 day pass for my travel days from Utah so if i get stopped at the border I will be covered, the only problem then becomes I can not plead ignorance if i get stopped at some other point outside of my 3 day pass.


any thoughts? Am i worried about nothing?

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Recreational vehicles, including privately owned trucks used to pull their owners' RVs, are supposed to be exempt from those regulations.


I'm not a California resident, and have thus far been able to avoid the land of fruits and nuts in my work assignments, but the topic has been discussed in several threads in the HDT Forum. If you search that forum for "CARB", I'm sure that you'll find those threads. An HDT-owning law enforcement officer has thoroughly researched those regulations, and has posted his results many times over there.



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