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Volvo cab corrosion warranty


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Sheehans Truck Centre in Burlington, Ontario just saved me a bucket full of money and grief. This may be worth reading if you have rusty doors and are something like a 2007-2009 model year VN series Volvo.


I had two badly corroded lower doors. A common problem on VNs in northern service. You have to keep the drain holes completely clear, or else.


Turns out there is a 96 month / 1,000,000 mile warranty on cab corrosion on my model year. The start date is the date your truck went into service, which Volvo can give you from your vin number. Be aware that at some point Volvo changed the warranty to 5 years, 500,000 miles. I don't know the date for the change, but a VIN check will tell you if you qualify.


Michelle, the service writer I was working with worked with on the bad doors told me she would chase Volvo for approval. She transferred the warranty into my name, then got after Volvo with photos and a claim form. It took about 4 days to get approval including the warranty transfer.


To put this in context, the raw doors are about $2K each. Re-install time to move everything over is 4.5 hours per door at $142 Cdn per hour. Then you have the cost of painting two doors on top of that. The final number comes out to something between 7-10K dollars Cdn which is not chump change.


I had a conversation about this forum with Michelle and the Body Shop Facilitator Roland Henley this morning. If you like, give them a call at 1-800-254-2859 with your VIN and they will work with you. You have to be in Toronto to get started, they can get the whole thing approved, the doors ordered and painted ready to go. You then have to give them the truck for a day or three and drive away with the whole thing done.


I also ended up with what I think may be a bit of a bargain. 4 new 670s just had moose bumpers installed. The 2016 take-off bumper is pretty close in color to my 780, and as the bed is a different color again I don't mind the tri-tone effect.


For the complete bumper including the chrome inserts in the latest 2016 aero style, it cost $875 CDN plus an hour and a half to install it. They are putting it on tonight on the night shift and I will have it back tomorrow morning, delivered free to our campground!


Sheehans is where I bought our truck, and I've been very impressed with both the sales and service departments. They aren't cheap, but they have some very good people and things are generally done right first time.



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Thanks George. Made the call and as luck would have it I'm out of warranty. Not to divert the thread, but are there any affordable fixes such as trim pieces that could be fitted rather than replacement?

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One of the guys I used to work with did a home repair on the doors. He took the grinder to the bottoms and then filled with fiberglass and body filler and then some paint. He then went and had some thin stainless steel cut on a water jet to follow the shape of the bottom of the door and the bottom of the cab. It was about an inch and a half to two inches high and attached with the 3m mounting tape and covered his repair. It looked quite sharp on the black truck. I don't think I've ever seen a ready made trim kit for that application.



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Had both sides sandblasted and "body worked". Results were pretty good and will probably out last me.

$500.00 total.

Initially looked at the "surplus" sites but they all stated the doors were rusted on the bottom and still wanted >$500 per.

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