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flash player why now?

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Did you verify you are at the latest level of Flash?


From what I can determine, this warning is piggybacked on numerous adware which is everywhere. If you follow the popup, it might update Flash but will add in some extra stuff.


Make sure you are up todate, it seems that the popups are trigger by your version not being the latest.


Then cancel the popups.


I run with Flash set to "Ask to run: on FireFox and Chrome. I think because I do that, the popup sensing is skipped on page load. I have to add the extra step of allowing Flash on the video I want to watch. But then a lot of extra Flash in the ads on some of the pages I view do not load.

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I really wish that Flash would go ahead and finish dying. It does not work on Android and the only useful workaround is the Dolphin browser which is the only reason I even have that one installed. It's one thing to say that it is dead but quite another to actually kill it in its tracks and switch to something better.


Since Chrome had its own builtin version of flash, there were some conflicts and one could choose which to use. I don't know about all that now.

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After trying every thing suggested. I gave up. Figured Windows 10 would fix it when I get it. Have not gotten 10 yet, but flash now works ALMOST. Each time a video plays I get a massage Some .com site wants storage space on my computer. What the hell is that. I checked and on 8-15 an automatic Windows update installed the newest version of Flash.

c u on the road

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Beats me Harry!

I just loaded my first computer with it


Windows 10 last night and have not gotten much time with it yet. It wasn't much of a major event as some have painted it. I felt like I was in Windows 8.1 with a new browser. Like when I use the Aviator Browser. I think soon HTML5 will be replacing Flash everywhere. Read this wiki about it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTML5


To see how your browser stacks up in HTML5 compatibility go here: http://html5test.com/

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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