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Question about electric hook-up


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Sorry about a repeat question but I couldn't find it through a forum search so I will ask it again...we have a 30 amp service (the only thing I didn't get on my wish list!!) and I was curious if the only option we have for a spot is 50 amp is it safe to use the 50 Amp to 30 amp adapters you can get off Amazon?? Thanks in advance for the answer.

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My 6.5W generator runs on LP.

It averages between .73 to .88 gal per hour use depending on the load.

And I have used from 6.9 to 14.4 gal a year out of it's 40 gal tank.

I top it off and the 28 gal house tank once every year on the Tuesday after Labor Day.


I use it very little. Only if it gets in the 90's when traveling and need the roof AC's to help the dash AC.

And once in a while to exercise. Over 16 years old and 292 hours on it.


Still has the OEM spark plugs in it. And I did replace the OEM air filter last winter.

I change the oil/filter every 3 years if needed or not. :) OH!! Here comes the yearly or replace/damage the engine police. :D

A few years ago I had to replace the regulator. Other then that no problems.

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I am a retired electrical tech and have used the 50A/30A adapters for many years. Your RV has a main power circuit breaker that limits the total supply used to the 30A that your power cord is rated for. They do that for safety reasons since the builders can't control what you connect your RV to. As long as the voltage that is supplied to your RV is 120V, +/- 10% you will be just fine. If you want to be extra well protected, get yourself one of the power line monitors which will protect you from both over and under voltages, mis-wired outlets, and a wide range of other issues. There are two of them with very good reputations and track records and I believe them to be well worth the cost. The two are the Surge Guard and the Progressive EMS.

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