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Rebuild of Dash Air Manifold


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Ok, gonna confess from the start. Normally take pictures or diagram any disassembly but my pictures didn't take on iPad. I have the Haldex KN20619 dash valve manifold which I replaced with new using RandyA's instructions. Ordered Haldex RN31BF kit to rebuild my old valves. Got everything disassembled cleaned and got called away for awhile. When I got back to reassembly had a brass plunger and a heavy spring which I could not recall how to put back in the manifold correctly. Haldex does not have a schematic of the 20619 or a rebuild instruction sheet I can find online. Anyone done this rebuild before and might could help? Need to finish this weekend and Haldex not available until Monday.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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