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Small pickup truck ratings?

Kirk W

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Yesterday I happened to see one of the small pickups that was towing a travel trailer that I'd guess was on the order of 20 - 25 feet in length. I didn't get a good look at what it was but I believe that it was one of the hybrids. That got me to wondering about them as tow vehicles.... As best I can recall I've not seen them used to tow many RVs before, if any at all. That strikes me as a little bit curious since I have seen plenty of pickup trucks towing fifth wheel trailers that were far too big for the truck ratings, yet for some reason that don't seem to be true for the little guys. I've only ever owned one of the small pickups and it was a long time ago and I don't believe it even had a trailer hitch.


What I was wondering is, with all of the increased weight and towing capacity of the standard sized trucks, what is happening with the little ones? Are they disappearing or am I just not noticing them? With the proliferation of the small teardrop trailers and similar light weight RVs I'd think that some of them might be handled well by one of the little trucks? Anyone familiar with them and their current ratings?

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There are far fewer small pickups being made now. Ford quit the Ranger, most of the imports got bigger, etc. If you Google "small pickups" you will find some they call small, but even the current "small" ones look big ...all are larger than my "full size" 67 F100!

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The smaller pickups came, went, came, went and now they are coming back. Colorado is one of them, although it is only 20% lighter than it's half ton cousin. Yes, they are getting bigger, more powerful and have more tow capacity (6700# for the Colorado). At the same time, through the use of aluminum and structural laminate construction TT's are getting lighter and lighter (Ex, a Wildwood X-Lite 241QBXL dry at 4200 lbs...). So, it is increasingly possible to match a 20+ TT with a "small" truck and have all the numbers work.

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