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Shocks for a 5th wheel


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A friend of ours has a Jaco 40' 5th wheel and found that there were holes for shocks but no shocks. While traveling through Utah they had a tire replaced and the shop mgr. said the RV would pull better and be less stressful on the tires and contents in the RV. if he put shocks on the unit. They were not very expensive and it did make a difference. Has anyone found that they have places for shocks and no shocks? I haven't checked our Montana to see.

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I would say shocks should be part of the running gear. BUT......the shocks on these trailers, or most of them anyway are built so they are on a angle of about 120 degrees plus, almost laying flat. This does nothing for a shock. The optimum shock angle to get the full effect of a shock is 9 degrees. Again another blunder that these builders are doing, and doing it every day for years. Shocks are built to go up and down not sideways!



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Speculation here - axle manufactures put the brackets on as a matter of course - less part numbers, trailer manufactures save a buck and order them without the shocks - so brackets, no shocks. I've seen it and added the shocks.


As to Dave comment, I agree but thinking that the ones I've seen, the center points are on the y rocker in the center and the ends are fixed. So if you do an angle of movement, the axles are moving to the center more than just up and down. I know, just trying to figure the reasons for ......

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