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Microsoft to Detect Search Protection Code as Malware


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Non tech version:

Infections and adware that takes over your browser and redirects your Internet to ads or malware infested websites once you are infected, usually prevent you from getting rid of their settings forced on the browsers, they prevent you from changing your browser settings and other helpers settings back to normal. Microsoft is making their Windows Defender in Windows 8/8.1, and Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 7 and Vista alert on them a malicious so they can't slip in first to later redirect to malicious websites. Better security using the MS products.


Excerpts more techie:


"The Microsoft Malware Protection Center announced yesterday that its security products would begin detecting all software containing search protection functions and classifying it as malicious, regardless of whether the search-censoring features are enabled or latent. Search protection is a scheme deployed by certain software packages in an attempt to limit user control of browser and search settings. In some cases, software makers use search protection in order to prevent users from uninstalling products or changing their default search engine. Other varieties keep users from disabling or enabling certain browser extensions.


Microsoft is encouraging developers to remove any search protection code from their software, warning that a failure to do so will result in malicious detection. Furthermore, it will not be enough to merely disable search protection, developers will have to completely rid their wares of any search protection code, no matter how long it lie dormant. Microsoft began blocking programs that prevent or limit users from viewing or modifying browser features or settings late last year. Starting June 1, the tech giant will take the next step, detecting software that prevents users from changing default search engines and home pages. Microsoft will also move to classify as malicious programs that attempt to circumvent consent dialogue boxes on June 1 as well."


See all the details in the article here: https://threatpost.com/microsoft-to-detect-search-protection-code-as-malware/113027#sthash.FYYoXWq6.dpuf

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