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The issue is one of defining the meaning of "need." There are many people who tow a vehicle and do not get any type of brake system for it, just as it seems you did when you had your class C. The class A won't be all that much different in practice then the class C was but there will be some change, depending upon the weight of each RV. If the class A is heavier than the class C it may be better suited to tow and if it happens to weigh less, it will be less so. Legally, it depends upon the state of registration but most of them do state that braking is needed at some particular weight for a trailer and essentially you will bee towing a trailer. In more than 35 years of RV travels I have not seen any cases documented of an RV having been stopped and ticketed for failure to have braking on a towed vehicle behind a motorhome, I have known people who were not allowed into Canada for that reason.


To me the real issue is one of safety. There is no question that any motorhome will require more distance to come to a stop when it is towing another vehicle. It also takes little scientific knowledge to realize that that same motorhome can stop more quickly in an emergency if the vehicle being towed has some way to apply it's brakes. For me it is not a question of need so much as one of safety. Just as I wear a seat-belt any time that I am in a vehicle, I use an auxiliary brake system when I to a vehicle.

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I used to have the same question about needing brakes on a toad. After awhile I changed vehicles and decided that for "peace of mind" it was worth it to get the toad brake system. I was always worried that if something ever happened, the first thing they would check was brakes on the toad. For me it was a feeling that something wasn't right with the way I was towing & I didn't feel comfortable. We travel a lot of different states and many require by law brakes on a toad. Also the break away safety mechanism is a plus. Should the car disconnect from the MH, the brakes are immediately applied. Now I'm glad we have the toad brake system. Dave.

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