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Trash disposal locations when boondocking


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You have to pack it out. We boondock primarily and usually find a Forest Service CG where we can carry the trash. Otherwise, we just hang on to it and dump when we buy fuel. Paper you can burn in a campfire but should not burn plastic etc.


At least you are not going down the Colorado River and everything has to be carried out.


Reed and Elaine

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We drink a lot of canned soda pop so we have experience with recycling those. States where you pay a deposit for recyclable bottle/cans usually have stations at grocery stores where you get your deposit refunded. Some states have recycling bins at highway rest areas. Some campgrounds have recycling bins and we would make note of those so we would be sure to stop there next time we passed that way. Otherwise we Googled recycling and took things to the local processor.


Trash can be a bit harder. If you keep it down to small bags you can usually put one in a container at a rest area. Some Walmarts have containers in their parking lots. Gas stations often have trash bins you can put small bags into. We would occasionally stay at commercial campgrounds where we could put accumulated bags in their dumpsters while doing a tank dump and fill. In Arizona, we would pay the annual fee for the LTVA even though we didn't stay there all season because that meant each time we passed one we could stop and dump everything.


I hope these few ideas help you.


Linda Sand

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Just don't use the dumpsters that belong to a private business. At least not with out aski g first!!!Our son-in-law noticed that his business dumpster seemed to be filling faster. So he stayed late a few night and even staked it out on a weekend. Sure enough he caught a guy using his dumpster so he didn't have to pay for trash pickup at his house!!!

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