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water filter issue


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I replaced a filter that reduced my flow rate [kdf] with one that has similar characteristics

at a better flow rate. [cfbc-10] While installing the new cartridge, I noticed each 10"

has a little drip in the gap between the filter housing and the base. The first cartridge

is a sed1. Took 'em apart and put a little silicone grease on the gasket...no help. Tightened 'em TIGHT...no help.

Is there a something I'm not doing right?

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I found plumbing tape on all the treads worked the best.

Whoever puts water filters in RVs has a sick sense of humor. Everyone we have ever owned had the water filter in an almost unreachable location that only a gorilla could access. Everyone of them dripped.



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I'll try the tape and o-rings...I installed these burgers and I kinda' needed to put them in a somewhat

inconvenient place because of the plumbing. Makes things interesting. On the orings, I'll try replacing

them but they're practically new. I'll try it anyway.

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If the rings are new look for cuts or cracks in the rings or scratches in the sealing areas. If you don't see anything give both a good cleaning with a soft cloth to get out any grit that may be causing the leak. Lightly coat the sealing surfaces and O ring with food-grade silicone lube and reassemble them firmly but not overly tight. The O rings should provide a seal without excessive tightening and too much force can warp the sealing area causing a leak that wouldn't be there if not over tightened.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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