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LG's new Windows Phone, the Lancet, only costs $120 off-contract


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I have a Lumia 822 with an OLED screen and great camera with the renowned Carl Zeiss lens on it and they are still available on Amazon new and no contract for under $100.00. I love the Windows phone 8.1 OS! And I use the pre paid non contract service for unlimited voice, Texts and long distance, and 2 GB of data for $45.00 a month! I am now a fan of Verizon prepaid and off Straight talk as long as Verizon keeps the pre paid at or above the current offer for the same money. My phone is not for data as I have cable modem at home. But when I do use it the 4G LTE sure beats the 3G on ST.


This new phone by LG is inexpensive and this reviewer gives it rave reviews. It is for Verizon LTE and is the first Windows phone to run HD voice. I'll let the article fill in the details. Looks good.




"I almost did a double-take when I saw the price of the new LG Lancet Windows Phone. The handset is specific to Verizon and costs either $5 a month on the carrier's Edge plan or $120 in full, without a contract.


Surely, this is a bare-bones phone, right? Almost, but not exactly.


No, the LG Lancet won't compare with flagship devices costing hundreds more. But it's no slouch either because as I found it with a $40 Lumia 520, Windows Phone runs fairly well on limited hardware.


The Lancet is the first Windows Phone that supports Verizon's Advanced Calling 1.0; a fancy marketing term for HD Voice calling. It runs Windows 8.1 so it also includes Cortana, Microsoft's personal assistant software and everything else Microsoft has packed inside its mobile operating system.


The phone has a 4.5-inch display with a minimally acceptable 854 x 480 resolution, so don't expect immersive HD video playback. Inside is a 1.2 GHz quad-core chip and 8 GB of storage with half of that available to for use. The Lancet does have a microSD card slot, so you can add an addition 128 GB of storage capacity.


LG chose an 8 megapixel image sensor for the rear camera while a VGA front-facing camera should be enough for basic video chats. Expect 18.5 hours of run-time on the 2100 mAh battery, says LG.


Again, there are far better Windows Phones on the market. None of them have HD Voice on Verizon's network though; at least not yet.


The full article with more is here: http://www.zdnet.com/article/verizon-windows-phone-lg-lancet-hd-voice/?tag=nl.e539&s_cid=e539&ttag=e539&ftag=TRE17cfd61

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