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Need a winter home close to Ft. Lauderdale


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Greetings all,


The new job thing requires I spend significant time in Ft. Lauderdale, especially over the winter months. Any recommendations on a place where optimus and the spacecraft can park is greatly appreciated.


I've looked at Moonlight Ranch and it's a non-starter.

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Lauderdale is an absolute madhouse of traffic and people. And that's in the summer.

I don't envy you your stay one bit.


Awe, it can't really be that bad down there now can it? LOL In fact my latest book project (a non-fiction historical account) tells about some of the wonderful people and places in Fort Lauderdale. Plus about what a friendly laid back place it was to live. I loved it, being that I was born and raised there. Of course that's talking about back in the 1950s-1970s. Back when it was still a small town as compared to today! Haahaahaa.


John Easterlin Park at 1000 NW 38TH Street in Fort Lauderdale was a nice little park That I frequented back in the 70s when I worked across the street from it for the City of Fort Lauderdale Utilities Department at the Fiveash Water Treatment Plant (drinking water supply plant for the city). My cousin and her husband recently stayed there in their 36' fiver and seemed pleased with their stay while visiting family in Oakland Park.


We've considered taking our forty foot Redwood and Volvo 420 down for a stay while I research city records for the book. I'd check it out and see if you think its a possibility for you. I is convenient to shopping, etc. Plus easy access to I-95. But let me go on the record as warning you about the trains. Lots of trains, both day and night. The commuter and freight rails run next to the park. Toot toot!!!

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We've stayed at Eastetlin Park. Very nice. Several years ago we went to an Escapee function there.


We lived most of our life in South Fl. Once you get south of Jupiter, things start to get crazy. The further south you got, the worse it became. I graduated from Palm Beach High in 1961.


Oh well. Things do change.


Enjoy your trip "home" to Where The Boys Are.

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We've stayed at Eastetlin Park. Very nice. Several years ago we went to an Escapee function there.


We lived most of our life in South Fl.


I graduated from Palm Beach High in 1961.


Fort Lauderdale High School Class of 74, go Flying Ls!!! LOL


Hey ed ed, being a resident of south Florida most of your life, I'd be willing to bet that you've probably seen the old Mediterranean Revival styled W. E. Peele Dixie Water Treatment Plant on State Road #7 south of Broward Blvd. The old lime softening treatment plant that still stands on the property next to the new plant that went into operation in 2008. I'm writing about the old plant that was called the "Dixie Water Plant" up until 1975 when it was changed to the current name in honor of my dad's boss Walter E. Peele.


My Dad went to work for Mr. Peele at Dixie in 1947 after returning from WWII. Then Dad was promoted to Plant Foreman (person in charge of plant operations for the city) in 1956, a position that was later reclassified to Plant Supervisor. In all, my dad was employed at the plant twenty-two years and in charge of operations at the Dixie for tthirteen years (1956-1969), before taking charge of a newly created division within the city where his expertise was needed in that field before retiring in 1978.


I grew up in that water plant. Thus have chosen to write about it.


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