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Cooking outside on a Rocket Stove


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We camp alot in very warm/hot weather and areas that are remote. To keep our rig from heating up inside we cook outside as much as possible. On a campfire if allowed, BBQ Baby Q or now on a Grover Rocket Stove. No, I'm not an employee, and this isn't to sell them. Their are quite a few different Rocket Stoves on the market. We just happened to like and purchase this one from a local outdoor supply store.


It's very cool! Takes only a small amount of burning material to cook with, VERY hot fire, works great for roasting anything on a stick too. :) Ours came with a small insert that allows us also to use charcoal briquettes. We use way less than we used to in our Little Smoky. So we also save on cost for the fuel. And it will burn paper, wood, pellets or charcoal. Scrap woods too. Doesn't take much.


A great option for backup. We try to have at least 3 sources just in case. lol, what can I say, our rig is THAT old. :)




Fort Courage

1984 Lazy Daze Class C 22'

High Desert CA

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Thanks for the tip. I poked around online and prices seem to vary from $115 - 205, and as you said, there sure are a lot of other brand rockets out there. We've used much smaller versions in the past for kayak camping using the woods materials and not having to carry fuel. Thanks again.

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