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Does Anyone Know if the Winegard PA2000R Pathway X1 will Receive in Florida?

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At one point during research I saw that the X1 could receive satellite on the east coast, specifically Florida, but now I have the item and the insert chart seems like not. It is western arc DISH Satellites: 110°, 119°, 129°. Any input is appreciated. Wondering if I need to return it. :wacko: Thanks.

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I watch Dish 119 all the time in the Silver Springs / Ocala area. In fact, our locals come out of Orlando and are also on 119 along with the TNT/USA/A&E, etc. channels. Everything we subscribe to and watch are on 119 in central Florida.


Whenever I'm home I simply have to call Dish Tech Support and change my Service Address to my Florida address.


I have no idea what a "western arc Dish satellite" is and how it differs from what I have. I have an older Trac Star in motion satellite dome.

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DISH is switching over to western for all satellites


Not likely... Dish has been steadily moving folks mostly east of the Mississippi to the eastern arc along with replacing obsolete SD only receivers. Most eastern arc locals are in HD, where many of the same locals are in SD on the western arc.

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Bottom line, to answer the OP's question, is that you most likely will get Dish 110 and 119 in Florida. You do however have to notify them of your service location so that they can send the correct spot beam to allow you to see the local channels. If you are changing many times, they will probably not keep switching your service address, but even moving around central Florida we can get the same spot beam as in our home location outside Ocala.


Last year we were forced to get new receivers or loose our service. Before that we got east coast and west coast feeds. Now we get just the feeds from our service location. We owned the old obsolete receivers, and now do NOT own the new receivers. I was NOT happy about this, but had few alternatives if we wanted to continue getting the service.

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Dish doesn't care how often you change your service address to get the appropriate locals. I've even changed it twice in one day with no complaints from them. When we're actively moving from one destination to another, it's not unusual for us to change the location daily.

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