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Residential fridge

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I worked for a commercial refrigeration company for a while and the best (simple profits) was the call we got from the convenience stores that their beer coolers were not working well enough.... 9 times out of 10 their condensers were full of dust and lint. We come with the nitrogen bottle, blow out the dust and charge 'em $500 ... and the were glad to pay it. YOU ARE CORRECT: BLOW OUT THE DUST AND SAVE YOUR COOLING UNITS, refer or AC



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We minimize the dust by using our shop-vac to suck as much as possible up before we start blowing things out, it helps enough to be worth the effort.


I wonder if you could do something with a dust collection bag like they use in woodworking shops? They are designed to collect dust and pass air so if you could figure out how to fit one it might do a decent job.



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