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Pulling the Trigger

Life Quest

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Yep! We're pulling the trigger...


Life... It just gets in the way of really living.. After years and years of wanting to do it.. several attempts at planning and downsizing, re-planning and re-downsizing, after letting life get in the way so many times.. we've finally said enough is enough... We're doing this thing!


We pulled the trigger... Meet our new Jayco RedHawk 26XD


We've given ourselves 1 week to downsize one last time.. April 28th the auction house comes to get anything we don't plan to keep. We've Joined Escapes, and we're doing this! :)


Jim (and Crystal)



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That is great news! To do a thing which has been dreamed of is a very special experience and to make a change of life's direction as major as this is something that requires a great deal of courage and determination. I congratulate you and somewhat envy you at the same time as we often think back to the excitement of our first days of living the fulltime experience. Life doesn't always give us second chances so enjoy each moment and each new experience. There will be bumps in the road but never allow yourself to be intimidated by that as most of them would have happened no matter what type of home you live in. Make the most of each new experience and always remember that you way of life is only limited by your imagination!

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
Kirk & Pam's Great RV Adventure



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Congratulations on starting your new life style. As Kirk implied there will be a learning curve in getting used to living in a small space. It took us a year to get really comfortable and now that we are soon to start year six we have it nailed. We regularly make changes in our tiny home to change appearance or functionality. Living this lift style is a matter of continuous improvement and change. Enjoy!

Full time since August 2010

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Thank you all..


We plan to stay around town (Henderson, NV) for 3-4 weeks while we wrap up loose ends.. maybe visit some RV parks around lake mead.. We've got a smart car lease that expires in about 4-5 months so we'll probably turn it in early right before we head out to parts unknown (if we don't decide to use it as a toad).


We're both excited and tired.. lots of work getting everything done in less than 2 weeks, but we're all loaded now, tonight is our last night before total freedom.. :)



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Jim: Good luck in your new advertures. We did the same 13 years ago and have never looked back. Can't see wanting to do anything else in the future. It does take some time to get used to, and there is a learning curve, but that is all part of the fun.


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