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Hi Cathy


Sorry to say the answer is NO. What I do is map out my trip/travel route on another vehicle, I use DeLorme Street Atlas, there are others.


Then when I have picked "general areas" for nightly stops-I use AllStays along with other reviews to ID the camping options.


AllStays is good for this, but not good for laying out a trip or iding multiple sites in different areas.


It is just a tool among other tools.


Dave O

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...I use DeLorme Street Atlas, there are others...

If you use a mapping program, you can add campground locations by downloading data sets from the POI Factory, Discovery Owners Forum, USA Campgrounds, the Ultimate Public Campgrounds Project and other sources. Depending on the features of the program, you can display icons for the campground locations along a route or get a list of all within a certain distance of your route. You may end up with duplicates, but in my experience, no one source includes all the campgrounds and RV Parks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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