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10 reasons to buy a Windows tablet for work instead of an iPad or Android


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I'm still surprised to find how many folks have no idea what a Window 8.1 tablet actually is, and what it can do. Replacing a laptop for a retiree isn't the only way they are different. They connect all the same peripherals as my full size desktops do. And if one can learn and use a touch phone, or learn iOS or Android, yet own a Windows computer, they can use them just don't know it.


For business however they are IMO unequalled. While other tablets try to act like a computer in your hand, they're still just phone OS'. For me other tablets with screwy file handling and hidden directory trees, never mind printing issues, are like trying to use Libra Office when I'm used to MS Office. It sort of works on simple tasks, but when a spreadsheet or formatted Office doc is mission critical, substitutes like Libra or Open Office can be maddening.


Where most folks miss the boat is that it is not either/or. You can have your Window tablet and your iStuff and Android too.


This article has slides to go along with each of the ten points, and lots of embedded links to other great tablet articles and facts for iOS and Android devices too. It is written for the average person not the techie, and has lots of links to round out the information.




"When you think of getting a tablet, chances are the iPad or Android tablets come to mind first. But if you plan on using the device for work, a Windows tablet may be a better solution.


Tablets are going to work instead of laptops in some cases or to augment them in others. They can do a lot in the enterprise, some more than others. While the iPad and Android tablets are capable workmates, the tablets of choice are those running Windows.

Windows has enjoyed a long reign as king of the workplace and that hasn't changed. There are a number of solid reasons why that is, and these reasons contribute to making Windows tablets the choice to take to work."


The whole article is here: http://www.zdnet.com/article/10-reasons-to-buy-a-windows-tablet-for-work-instead-of-an-ipad-or-android-tablet/?tag=nl.e505&s_cid=e505&ttag=e505&ftag=TRE0fb9d06


It covers:


1. More choice


2. Docking stations


3. Peripherals


4. Apps


5. Windows 10


6. Multitasking


7. Multiple windows


8. Collaboration


9. Surface tablets


10. Pen support



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