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Corps announces campground openings in Ky., Va. W.Va.


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Having the Corps of Engineers open new COE parks is great news. Our experience with their parks has been wonderful and the only downside is that the ones around here are so popular that they are fully booked for the entire season (at least on weekends). We have spoken to people who have taken their family vacations at a COE park every year for 20 years.... in tents!


I hope this is a sign that they might be expanding and not contracting as I was afraid they'd be doing with budget cutbacks.


Thanks for the link.



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I am not so sure these are new campgrounds. We have stayed at some with the same names in the same areas for several years. The article says "The corps says four West Virginia campgrounds will open April 24. They are Riffle Run and Bulltown at Burnsville Lake and Bakers Run and G.R. Freeman at Sutton Lake. Sutton Lake's Bee Run campground opened April 1...." I think they are just announcing the reopening after the annual winter season closure. When we stayed at Riffle Run the last week of October last fall some of the others listed were already closed for the season.


The ones we have stayed in are developed campgrounds with designated sites, not really boondocking/dispersed camping.

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