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Making the switch to a 5er

Walking thunder

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I've decided to make the switch from my Monaco Dynasty to a 5er. I work at a large dealership and found a 2014 Infinity 3860 MS that was recently traded in.

Curious if anyone has info or owns an Infinity about any issues?


The selling point for me on this unit is the huge bedroom and it has the largest basement I have ever seen on a 5er.


My boss has been in the RV industry for a longtime and told me the issues he has seen on them.


I'm not traveling as much as before and of course now in the market for the truck to tow it. Either an F350 or Ram 3500. Also shopping for a different pin box. It has a standard box. I like either a moride or the air ride with the shock and airbag.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Traded in a 3875FL Infinity on our new DRV. I had very few issues with the trailer itself, just with the front living room floor plan. We thought we would like that layout but it just didn't work for us. As far as the fiver itself, it had several things that I wish our current fiver has. Based on our experience, they are a well made fiver for the money but if you are planing on staying our in very cold weather (single digits or lower), I might try to find something in a 4 season camper., ...

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