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leaving 5th wheel attached to truck


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swapped our toyhauler for a front living room regular 5th wheel; was parking it and due to it being 24 inches shorter it'll be crazy easy to leave it hooked up when sitting inside


the question


Could I leave the 5th wheel attached to the truck when not is use?


from the perspective of the truck; it isn't going to care; the pin weight of the new 5er is only 2600lbs; this is no different then when I leave a couple side x sides on the bed

from the perspective of the trailer I can't imagine it'll care if the front weight is sitting on the pin or on the front legs


So I called the trailer manufacturer; they said they had never been asked that question.

Their answer, couldn't think of a reason why it would be bad for the trailer; but they wouldn't recommend it. (no reason as to why)



has anyone else thought about this?


For me; it isn't a huge issue either way. But leaving it attached gives me more room to walk around it and it'll reduce my oppty for a hitching failure by about 50%. As we all know; there are two kinds of people; those who have dropped a 5er off a hitch and those who will.



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IF the trailer can take the force on the pin while driving, it can certainly take the force while sitting. I would block my air hitch (if necessary) so it can't collapse the bags all the way...otherwise you should be fine.


Just don't do BOTH legs and hitch...as has been discussed many times on here.

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You can leave the trailer on the hitch, we've done it several times. However, do not put the landing gear down too. When the suspension on your truck drops, the truck will be left hanging on the pin. That could break something.

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