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Kodiak disc brakes ?'s


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Hi Everyone,


I have a few questions on Kodiak disc brakes. The wheels have 8 studs. I have not measured the diameter of the rotor. On removing the bolts from the caliper, it looks like you needed to remove the bottom shock bolt to get more room so you can remove the bottom caliper bolt. Is this true ? Or is there another way to get to this bolt that has an Allen head ?


On jacking the trailer up, where is the best place to place the jack ? Do you remove one wheel at a time ? I assume it is best to try to jack up the trailer on the suspension so the suspension will go up and not drop down, like it would if you jacked up on the trailer frame.


Is there any good service videos out there showing trailer maintenance ?


Thanks for any help,


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Kodiak are 'aftermarket' brakes. I have them on the Morryde IS suspension and everything is open and accessible, so it is going to be on a case by case basis.


If I had a choice, which I do (triaxle), I would only remove one wheel at a time. Even with jack stands, strongly recommended, if something slips, it may be enough to prevent YOU from being crushed. Not sure what the deal is, but when I bled mine the other day, there were 3 sizes of bleeders, 1/4 - 5/16 and 3/8. Of course, I only crawled under with one set of wrenchs. Just a thought.

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