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NOP at Cottonwood, AZ WalMart Enforced


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Great. :( I am headed that way

There is blm land between Camp Verde and Cottonwood. Right off of State Hwy 260. Very nice views. The bad guys are all locked up. They weren't from Arizona, much less Cottonwood. This type of incident is unusual in this little town! I hope you enjoy your stay.

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We are currently in Cottonwood... thoroughly enjoying the weather and things to do around here... and plan on being here until late April. This is our third year in this location during the late Winter - early Spring season. Its beautiful.


I would echo what ArizonaDrifters and traveltrailer are saying... the opportunities for boondocking on BLM land are numerous and priceless, especially along State Hwy 260 east of Cottonwood, and 89A north of Cottonwood. Certainly we wish the Walmart incident had not happened... and we would wish to be able to continue to use Walmart parking lots as needed (and shop there) - but here in Cottonwood losing that overnight parking space is simply not a problem.


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