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Low Overpass - Maybe a record?


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I wonder if any overpass anywhere can break this record:


"the road reopened Sunday night to most vehicles, but because of low clearance, semi-trailer trucks were detoured. Within two hours, at least three trucks unsuccessfully tried to squeeze under the bridge. By the following day a dozen more had hit the structure. It was closed again — this time for the duration of the four-month construction."



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That intersection SW of O'Hare is a traffic nightmare only compounded by the RR tracks. The bridge was needed 20 years ago. Now because of the dumb a**es who can't read signs it will be closed for four months. Even the picture in the Trib shows a BIG YELLOW sign that says 12' 6" right above the semi jammed under the bridge. I have no sympathy for idiots like that, hope they all received stiff fines!

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I watched a guy drive a Uhaul van into a parking deck one day. He didn't make it 3' into the deck, even though he was going about 10 MPH. I was literally standing about 30' from him when he tried it. His wife got out of the van behind him and laid into him like a spoiled child. Bad day for him, but an entertaining day for me.

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