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Wifi security

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Wifi security at most parks is a joke. I've been in some for months and never once did they change their access code. Most hotels aren't much better.


Most use either the park's street address number, e.g., 121 for an address of 121 Main Street, or the zip code of the park.


Just be careful what you put out there, information-wise.

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Getting a pile of undeliverable messages usually indicates a spammer has used your e-mail address as the return address** on a run of spam messages. Nothing you can do to stop that yourself unless you run your own mail server or rent one you control. If you do you can configure SPF and cut way down on the incoming bounce messages.


You can try to convince the spammer not to use your address again, reporting the bounces to spamcop.net (NET, not COM) which is a minor aggravation for the spammer but likely enough that ones doing manual spam run setup will pull you off their list.


Your address usually gets to the spammer by being harvested from an infected Windows computer, the spammer getting a forwarded e-mail with a pile of addresses in it or from a server account that had your e-mail listed on it being compromised. Again not a lot you can do to prevent any of this unless you run your own server, then you can assign everyone a unique address to contact you and change it every time it gets compromised. I for example have mom@, mom-01@, mom-02@... because mom keeps sending my e-mail address on to other family members that seem to always have a computer cootie or two and for the most part are still running XP. Have your mail program auto-file all the old compromised addresses in a folder for reporting to spamcop.net and hope for the best.




** Anyone can send an e-mail that claims to be from anyone since the return address is easily forged either manually or by a host of automated tools. Nothing can stop that but SPF helps a bit if you have your own server so it is worth setting up, other tools are also available but a lot more complicated and/or expensive.

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What Stanley is saying seems to make sense. Most of these messages , and by the way there were 300 in my sent box, were job opportunity or job offers sent from people I dont know to other people I dont know. Why or how they are using my email address is beyond me.

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I'm with Stan, probably a spoofed header spammer and nothing to do with WIFI. Could have been from your actions (subscribed or unsubscribed from something), or someone that has you as a contact. Several scripts out there that can do it all automatically. Its the reason the email addresses I use for most forums are throw away and usually cycled every 3 months or so (I run those on my own servers).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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