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Entrance Steps


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Just curious ... does anybody use something other than the folding steps that are part of their trailer or coach when they're parked for any period of time? I've been doing a fair share of web wandering - and haven't come across any products that looked suitable for this purpose being offered by the big on-line RV accessory shops.

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One source I'm not familiar with: http://www.strombergcarlson.com/rv-steps-step-accessories/park-model-camper-steps-econo-porch/


I friend has these but they are heavy: http://www.sunrisedecks.com/


We bought these last November and like them, they make getting in and out easier with larger top step and uniform rise and depth. They also fold and I'm looking forward to traveling with them once we leave our winter home: http://rv-co.com/index.html



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I have a web site where they make then to size of treated wood

with a deck and rails. They are very nice but IMHO to big to haul

around. My better half saw then at the Houston RV show about 5 years ago

and liked them so we had one made for us but we keep it in the UP of MI

in a storage shed on an RV lot that we own.

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I think I might be Greg's friend with the Sunrise Deck unit. Greg says it is heavy. I guess that is a relative term. I tow my big 5th wheel with a Medium duty Truck so I'm not too concerned about how much it weighs and I really don't know.

I do know Judy liked them as did several people that saw them when we were in Goshen last May.

The thing Sharon and I like about it is there is a nice size porch and it all comes apart with no tools for transport.

Check them out at http://www.sunrisedecks.com/.

The unit Greg has is also nice, much more compact and easier to move.

Check them all out before you make a choice.



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