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Volunteer on Lake Cumberland, Kentucky - Visitor Center/Fish Hatchery

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EXCITING VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY! Be part of the volunteer team with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service at Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery Visitor/Environmental Education Center! We are seeking volunteers to staff our center and assist in outreach activities May 2015 through 2016, staying a minimum of 3 months. Duties include: meeting/greeting the public, answering questions, assisting with cleaning (cleaning does include VC restrooms), help with special events, workshops and other outreach programs, leading tours and helping with field trips and day-to-day operation of the center gift shop, stocking brochure racks; etc. Volunteers receive a free deluxe campsite with water, electric, sewer, WiFi, laundry facilities and uniforms. Propane available during the winter months. Hours are 20 to 24 hours per week (2 -3 days), per person. We are centrally located (Jamestown, KY/Lake Cumberland) to many South Central Kentucky regional outdoor attractions. Also, seeking volunteers for our fish production program. Contact Moria Painter at 270-343-3797 or moria_painter@fws.gov.

Visit our website to learn more about Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery http://www.fws.gov/wolfcreek/


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Is James Gray still the Project Leader there?


For anyone who is considering a visit to this facility, you might want to drop me a note and I'll be happy to share our experiences there with you.


Yes Kirk, James Gray is still there, as we have discussed previously.


I have an opposite opinion of Mr. Gray than Kirk does. If anyone wants to drop me a note I will be glad to share my experiences there.

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Unfortunately, it seems my original post was not well received by some on this site. I find that disappointing and a bit surprising. As the Volunteer Coordinator for Wolf Creek, I feel our post are unwelcomed on this site and will not be using it in the future to continue promoting the great volunteer program we have.


Thankfully, we typically do not have a problem filling our volunteer positions, mostly from word of mouth from past volunteers and other great venues used to recruit volunteers. We do occasionally recruit/post our volunteer opportunity to keep our name out there and to keep our information current.


Almost every volunteer who leaves here makes the comment they were treated like family, feel like their services were needed and appreciated, and were treated as a staff member. These are comments they make during the going away luncheon we have for every volunteer as they depart. We provide each volunteer a certificate of appreciation, hour pins, and a parting gift.


For the last 8 years, we have utilized Workampers/RVers. Since that time we have received over 65,000 hours from 200 different volunteers. In addition to this we have logged over 12,000 hours from 1,500 local volunteers for the wide array of public events we host. We have had volunteers come back as many as four times, others three and two times.


As for Mr. Gray’s integrity and leadership, he has served in a leadership role for over 20 years and a year ago was named a Regional Program Supervisor, not only supervising Wolf Creek, but two facilities in Arkansas, two in Tennessee and one in Georgia. He has also served as President/Chairman on several local boards and organization in the community, which probably wouldn't have happened if he were the awful person portrayed by some on this forum.



All I can ask, is if you have an interest in Wolf Creek please give me a call or email and I will be more than happy to answer any questions, concerns or misconceptions you may have. I will not discuss them here, but you are more than welcome to contact me at 270-343-3797 or Moria_Painter@fws.gov

Visit the hatchery website at http://www.fws.gov/wolfcreek


Become a fan of Wolf Creek NFH on Facebook! - https://www.facebook.com/WolfCreekNFH


Moria Painter

Environmental Education/Outreach Specialist

Volunteer Coordinator

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I hope that you will reconsider your decision to stop posting on this site. As full-time RV volunteers my wife and I appreciate seeing posts like yours as we investigate future volunteer opportunities.


Please don't let the actions of a few interfere with getting your message out to the hundreds or thousands of potential volunteers who are on this site.


Mark & Teri

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Anyone that's been on here a while knows about the 'horrible' experience Kirk had... But where are the other complaints? We're talking an incident that occurred years ago. Are we to assume that everyone else will have the same bad experience?


Unfortunately, Kirk is like a dog with a bone on this place...


Don't leave you provide a valuable service.. Perhaps a call or email to Travis Carr would help get this pissing contest stopped.

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