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Twitter wants aggressive net neutrality rules


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"Days ahead of a vote by federal regulators on the future of the Web, Twitter is coming out in support of the government's plan to treat Internet providers more like traditional phone service.


In a blog post, Twitter says that it previously backed "common sense net neutrality rules" through a Washington trade group, the Internet Association. But now the company is going further. Independently, Twitter is arguing that the Federal Communications Commission should move ahead with the most aggressive rules ever proposed for Internet providers — to be sure that they don't unfairly speed up or slow down some sites over others or create Internet "fast lanes" that give wealthy firms an advantage over smaller ones.


"Empowering 'lesser' or historically less powerful voices to express themselves and be heard globally is at the core of Twitter’s DNA," Twitter's public policy manager, Will Carty, writes in the blog post.


The FCC's net neutrality proposal would regulate Internet providers using the same tool it uses to police legacy telephony — Title II of the Communications Act. Opponents of the move have decried it as a government takeover of the Internet; its supporters, which include President Obama, say it's the only way to keep Internet providers from abusing their role as gatekeepers of information."


The whole article with links to the post on twitter and the other plans go to the full article here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2015/02/23/twitter-wants-aggressive-net-neutrality-rules/


I agree with Twitter and I like the telephony comparison. Unregulated the moves by Comcast in the past to throttle traffic would be the same if my local landline company or my MagicJack company decided to make my calls to any company that calls into our local Telco area to pay more because it makes and receives more telephone calls than the other non- local companies do.


Imagine dialing a company on your cell phone that has free long distance to download a large user manual in pdf only to get repeated busy signals because they are on the slow lane of that cell carrier and regardless of paying for their service at their end, the local company, like the old money, offers "protection" of their data being interfered with, for just a little protection insurance money every month. Read the article from the Washington Post and Twitter's published statements are excellent.

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