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Fresh Water Back Flow?


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Good day.


For some yet undetermined reason when I am running city water (not using H2O pump) the fresh water tank overflows. I've checked the valve which allows the tank to be filled when connected to city water, and it is in the "don't-fill-the-tank" position. Are there any other valves, back-flow or otherwise, that might be failing?


Thank you.




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A leaking check valve in your 12 volt water pump is a likely suspect, also possible that the don't-fill valve isn't seating properly.


Whichever you check first it is likely to be the other actually leaking. :-(

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The check valve in your water pump may be allowing "city water" to back flow into your fresh water tank. You may also have a faulty selector valve at your water utiliy center.

I also invite you to post your problem over at the Nu-Wa owners forum. Lots of good folks with lots of good info. Http:\\www.nuwaowners.org



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I had exactly that same problem about a year ago and had to get a new water pump. I would get great floods of water under my RV as the fresh water kept running and overfilled the fresh water tank. Was told there was a large hole in the water pump diaphragm.


It was a pain because my pump would not work, but I could not use fresh water because of all the leaking. Took it in the next day and got a replacement which fixed it immediately.


Not sure what water pump you have, but I found out the Shurflow one I had had a two year warranty on parts and could have just replaced the part, but the RV service people did not tell me that and replaced the whole thing. Apparently, most service places do not carry parts and so just replace entire pump. The Shurflow customer service guy told me next time to save the old pump and put in replacement parts (easy to do, he said), and then I would have a good pump the next time I needed a replacement.

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I agree that it is probably the fresh water pump but those can be easily rebuilt and parts kits are available at most RV supply stores. Just make sure that you get the kit for the make and model of pump that you have. If you have an RV that has a valve to fill the fresh water tank from the city connection then that valve could be either open or failed, but it sounds like you probably have already made sure that was not the case.

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